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Welcome to Lake Champlain Life. This site explores the Lake Champlain Valley of northern Vermont and New York and southern Quebec. Bordered by two American states and one Canadian province Lake Champlain is varied culturally and politically and historically significant.

Lake Champlain LifeThe Lake Champlain Basin has a rich geologic  history. The physical geography (physiography) created by the last Ice Age and the effects of glaciers over a mile thick and their eventual receding have created a unique and varied environment for the people, wildlife and plants that are lucky enough to inhabit the region.

Although this environment is threatened by climate change, pollution, development and invasive species of plants and animals. we believe that we all have an obligation to protect it for ourselves and for future generations. In addition to exploring Lake Champlain, w examine ways that we can protect this treasure.

Lake Champlain is home to a number of wildlife and plant species that are found only in the Champlain Basin, and others that might seem to be out-of-place. We enjoy learning about the many other residents with which we share Lake Champlain.  Knowledge and prevention are crucial to stop the invasive species that threaten to displace these native species.

The history of humans along Lake Champlain is rich and varied due to its key location. From pre-colonial civilizations, through the military history of the French and Indian, Revolutionary Wars and The War of 1812 and through the commercial and recreational eras, Lake Champlain has been used and appreciated by many different people for many different reasons. We believe that a better understanding of ‘where we’re from’ can help us to create a better future for ourselves and Lake Champlain.

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about usLake Champlain Life (LakeChamplainLife.com) is a part of 11-11 Unlimited, LLC., an internet publishing company, owned by Tom McHugh and Kathleen Longe. We are fortunate to live on the shore of Lake Champlain and enjoy our big backyard.

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