Boat Stewards Needed for Upcoming Season

Boat Stewards Needed for Upcoming Season


Boat Stewards Needed for Upcoming Season

The Lake Champlain Basin Program is hiring up yo ten boat launch stewards to work at N.Y. and Vt. public boat launch access areas during the program’s 11th season. The stewards help to reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species by identifying high-risk boats for courtesy inspection and providing information about invasive species spread prevention.During the first ten years of the program, LCBP stewards surveyed almost 83,000 boats and spoke to over 181,000 visitors about steps to make sure their boats and equipment were cleaned, drained, and dried. Over eighty percent of Lake Champlain visitors reported that they are trying to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

“Since the inception of the Lake Champlain boat launch steward program, stewards have removed aquatic invasive species from 4,000 boats and trailers launching and retrieving from Lake Champlain,” said Meg Modley, LCBP aquatic invasive species management coordinator. “With the growth of steward programs in the greater Adirondack and Northeast region, and the installation of boat wash stations, visitors have access to the best available technology to clean their boats. LCBP is working with partners to support the installation of boat wash stations at launches around Lake Champlain.”

From more information about the boat launch steward program contact Meg Modley at the Lake Champlain Basin Program 802- 372-3213.

Follow this link to send an application:


LCBP, Boat Stewards Needed for Upcoming SeasonThe Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) works in partnership with government agencies from N.Y., Vt., and Québec, private organizations, local communities, and individuals to coordinate and fund efforts that benefit the Lake Champlain Basin’s water quality, fisheries, wetlands, wildlife, recreation, and cultural resources. For further information about the program, contact the Lake Champlain Basin Program, 54 West Shore Road, Grand Isle, Vt. at 802- 372-3213 or 800-468-5227 or

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Champlain’s islands–Stave, Crab, Valcour and Garden–all host otherworldly inhabitants, and unidentified creatures and objects have made appearances on the water, in the sky and in the forests surrounding the lake.
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