Burlington Ranked an Underrated Summer Vacation Destination

Burlington, Vermont an Underrated Summer Vacation Destination

Burlington Ranked as Underrated Summer Vacation Destination

Burlington, Vermont, as seen from Lake Champlain

The web site Travel Pulse recently listed Burlington, Vermont as one of the top ‘7 Underrated U.S. Summer Vacation Destinations’. To those of us who are fortunate enough to live in the area this is no surprise. Burlington, Plattsburgh, the Adirondacks, the Green Mountains and especially Lake Champlain are all treasures.

What I found surprising was that with all of the features and attractions in our area the only mention was of the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet.

Here’s an excerpt of the section on Burlington (from Travel Pulse’s 7 Underrated U.S. Summer Vacation Destinations :

“Sometimes the hardest part of planning a summer vacation is figuring out where to go. Whether you’re looking to hit the beach, unplug and get closer to nature or simply get out of town, consider these underrated U.S. summer vacation destinations.  You’ll be glad you did……

Burlington, Vermont

Home of the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet, Burlington is known for being different, but different can be fun if you’ve grown tired of the same old summer vacation.

Situated along the eastern shore of Lake Champlain not far from the Adirondack Mountains, Burlington has a reputation of being a college town thanks to the nearby University of Vermont. But there are a plethora of unique attractions beside the 38-foot-tall filing cabinet.

And since Burlington is just a few miles away from the U.S.-Canada border, you’re less likely to melt in the summer and just a short drive away from Montreal (bring your passport).”

Now, what about the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet?

The World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet is 38 feet tall and is made of real file cabinets that have been welded one on top of the other. This towering sculpture was built in 2002 by Bren Alvarez, a local artist.

The sculpture stands in a field on Flynn Avenue in Burlington’s South End. It’s location is in the proposed path of Burlington’s famous (or infamous) Southern Connector. Each of the 38 drawers is said to represent a year’s paperwork accumulated by the project.  For the full story, visit World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet.


World's Tallest Filing Cabinet in Burlington, VT. Ranked Underrated Summer Vacation Destination

The World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet


Location: The World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet is located at 208 Flynn Avenue in Burlington, and is easy to find. To get there:

From I-189, drive north on Shelburne Rd./US 7 for five blocks,

Turn left (west) onto Flynn Avenue,

The file cabinet is in a field on the right, between Foster and Briggs Streets.




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