Cave Island – Lake Champlain Islands

Cave Island

Cave Island - Lake Champlain Islands

Cave Island, circa 1906


Cave Island is located in Mallett’s Bay in Colchester, Vermont. The island is southeast of Marble Island and east of the head of land that forms the entrance to Mallett’s Bay.  The caves that give the island its name are visible in the photo above.

Cave-Island - Lake Champlain Islands

Island, as it appeared in postcard from the 1930’s


Tiny Cave Island has some strange rumors around it of stashed loot and secret activities, but in all likelihood that’s because its topography seems the ideal setting for tales of buried treasure, mystery and adventure. Perhaps some of the legends about the island surround the mysterious Captain Mallett?


Cave_Island today.
Photo of Marble Island Marina area
(Cave Island in lower right of photo)

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