Champlain Basin Derby

Champlain Basin Derby

April 8, 2017 – March 31, 2018
50 weeks, 15 species, $25,000!

Fish year-round from anywhere in the Champlain Basin.

Open to all legal, public bodies of water within the US portion of the Lake Champlain Basin.
Private ponds and waters without public access do not qualify.
You will be asked to declare where your fish was caught when you weigh it in.
For a map of the basin, please click here.
50 weeks – 15 species – $25,000

There are 15 qualifying species. There is a minimum length for each species. For a full list of species and length requirements, please click here.
First place fish in each category will win $1000! There is no limit to how many categories one person can win. Second place pays out $500 and third place pays $300.

To register: Champlain Basin Derby

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