Proposed Establishment of the Champlain Valley of New York Viticultural Area

Champlain Valley of New York Viticultural Area

TTB is accepting comments through August 31, 2015 on a proposed American Viticultural Area (“AVA”) called “Champlain Valley of New York.”

The proposed AVA of Champlain Valley of New York is a long, narrow valley on Lake Champlain’s western shore – approximately 82 miles long and about 20 miles wide at the widest point; it incorporates about 500 square miles, six bonded wineries, and eleven commercial vineyards and covers a total of 15.47 acres. The area features a very short growing season and is conducive to growing cold-hardy North American grapes.

The name “Champlain Valley of New York” comes from Lake Champlain, which is found on the border of upstate New York as well as Vermont and parts of Quebec.

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