Ice Fishing: Tightlining

Ice Fishing: Tightlining

One ice fishing technique you can try is called tightlining. Tightlining is a technique where you don’t move the line and lure once you’ve dropped them in the water. Instead you watch the line for movement. When the line becomes “tight” you know you have a fish on the line.

When tightlining, you’ll need to use a lure that is heavy enough to let  your line to drop straight down to your desired depth, but not so heavy that your line won’t move when a fish  strikes. This usually requires trial and error to find the right lure.

Some anglers add a spring bobber to their line to help with strike indication. A spring bobber is a piece of metal or wire that extends off the rod tip. Any movement in the line will cause the spring bobber to move alerting them  of a bite.

Check the regulations for the specific body of water that you fish at the sites below!


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