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In the Lake Champlain Books section of Lake Champlain Life we feature a variety of books that deal with the people, history, science and natural beauty of Lake Champlain.

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“Here a scene of indescribable sublimity burst upon us. Before us lay the waters of Lake Champlain, a sheet of unruffled glass, stretching some ninety miles to the south, widening and straitening as rocks and cliffs projected in the most fantastic shapes into the channel. On each side is a thick and uninhabited wilderness, now rising up into mountains, now falling into glens, while a noble background is presented toward the east by the Green Mountains, whose summits appear even to pierce the clouds. On the west mountains still more gigantic in loftiness, pride and dignity. I cannot by any powers of language do justice to such a scene.”

R.G. Gleig, a member of Gen. Fraser’s staff, June 1777

( at his first view of Lake Champlain )



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