Lake Champlain Current Conditions (Links to Updates)

Lake Champlain Current Conditions

Lake Champlain Current Conditions

Lake Champlain Landsat Photo (source: Wikipedia)

Use these updated links to Lake Champlain current conditions to plan your outings on Lake Champlain. 


Be aware that conditions on Lake Champlain can change very rapidly and dramatically and these reports can quickly become outdated. Storms can arise suddenly, bringing life threatening winds and waves. Keep up to date with the changing conditions with a weather radio, and stay alert to changes in the lake and the sky.


Always be prepared to move quickly to safety!


Lake Champlain Weather Observations


Lake Champlain Levels


Weather Forecast


aff link islands

‘Lake Champlain Islands’
A Photo History of the Islands

In 1609, Samuel de Champlain 
canoed south from Canada into
a large lake and found four islands.
These are the islands now known as
the Lake Champlain Islands.
Found In the far northwest corner
of Vermont, these islands are well known as a shoreline retreat for all of New England,
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Water Temperatures

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Blue-Green Algae Blooms

(VT Dept. of Health)  


Enhanced Radar Image.

  • Burlington, Vermont
Burlington, VT Radar

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