People In the History of Lake Champlain

People Who Shaped the History of Lake Champlain

people in the history of Lake Champlain

Samuel de Champlain

The history of Lake Champlain is rich and varied due to its key location. From pre-colonial civilizations, through the military history of the French and Indian, Revolutionary War and The War of 1812 and through the commercial and recreational eras, Lake Champlain has been appreciated, used and fought over by many different people for many different reasons. A better understanding of where we came from will help us to create a better future for ourselves and Lake Champlain.

The history of the Lake Champlain region is full of explorers, adventurers, military heroes and traitors, inventors, farmers, artists and political leaders. Here we look at some of the people who shaped the Lake Champlain Basin.



Jim Millard’s America’s Historic Lakes– The Lake Champlain and Lake George Historical Site is a wonderful resource about Lake Champlain’s history, as well as that of the Lake George and the Richelieu River regions.