Lake Champlain Safety

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Lake Champlain safety

Lake Champlain Safety

Safety is the primary consideration for enjoying Lake Champlain. Simple precautions and paying attention while on the lake will ensure that your time on Champlain is enjoyable and memorable, as opposed to costly or tragic.
These articles deal with basic Lake Champlain safety issues and safety concerns on any body of water.
Lake Champlain Safety Articles:


Boating Safety Courses:

Pleasure Craft Operator Card Canada

Cartes de Conducteur d’embarcation de Plaisance Canada

New York State Boater Safety Course

Vermont State Boating License Course

Official Handbook of Vermont Boating Laws and Responsibilities

More Safe Boating Links:

U.S.C.G. Boating Safety Resource Center

National Safe Boating Council

American Canoe Association

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