Lake Champlain Points of Interest

Lake Champlain Points of Interest

When it comes to points of interest on Lake Champlain, it’s hard to know where to begin… or end!

From colonial fortresses to sunken shipwrecks, from historic homes and businesses to scenic islands and bays, Lake Champlain continues to delight and surprise vistors and those lucky enough to call it home.


Lake Champlain points of interest


Lake Champlain features many interesting sites to explore and discover. From islands and lighthouses to historic and geologic sites and a variety of state parks and campgrounds Lake Champlain offers something for everyone.


Lake Champlain Points of Interest

Fort Montgomery (Fort Blunder)




Points of Interest Around Lake Champlain: 

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Lake Champlain Communities

  Articles About Lake Champlain Communities:

Lake Champlain Islands

 Lake Champlain Islands Lake Champlain is home to over 80 islands. Some of these islands are no more than a large rock jutting from the lake; others are large enough to support entire towns. There are privately owned islands with seasonal residences, publicly owned islands that are nature preserves and year-round communities of ‘Islanders’.   The ‘Lake Champlain Islands’ When people refer to the ‘Lake Champlain Islands’, they are usually speaking about Vermont’s Grand Isle County, whichRead More....

Lake Champlain Wildlife Management Areas

Lake Champlain Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs)   What are Wildlife Management Areas? Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are protected areas set aside for the conservation of fish, birds and other wildlife and for protection of their habitat. Some of the WMAs occupy land that is environmentally sensitive. WMAs are also set aside for recreational activities involving wildlife and to provide people with opportunities for fish and wildlife-based recreation. WMAs are open to hunting, trapping, fishing, wildlife viewing and other wildlife-relatedRead More....

Lake Champlain Wineries

[contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png] Champlain Valley Wine Production The history of grape cultivation for wine making in the Champlain Valley is a relatively recent one, beginning with Snow Farm Vineyard in South Hero, Vermont in the late 1990’s. In less than twenty years vineyards and wineries have sprouted throughout the Champlain Valley. Today nearly twenty wineries are in operation near Lake Champlain – in New York, Vermont and Quebec. The latitude of the Champlain Basin is comparable to that ofRead More....

The ‘Lois McClure’

. The ‘Lois McClure’ . The schooner Lois McClure is a full-scale replica of an 1862 sailing canal boat. These unique vessels were designed specifically to accommodate the special requirements of lake sailing and canal travel. With the completion of the Champlain Canal in 1823, connecting Lake Champlain to the Hudson River traffic in trade along Lake Champlain virtually exploded. Along with the traditionally designed sloops, schooners and the recently invented steamboats the lake now saw theRead More....