Great Lakes Scientists Warn of Microbeads Threat

Conference Addresses Microbeads Pollution

Great Lakes Scientists Warn of Microbeads Threat


The 58th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research was held in Burlington, Vermont last week. One of the key concerns addressed at the meeting is the danger posed to lakes by plastic pollution.

Experts claim that about 80% of the human-made debris found in the Great Lakes is plastic, that ranges from tiny microbeads to bottles and plastic wrap (‘Meeting in Vt., Lake Scientists Warn of Plastic Wastes’ – Times~Argus).

Microbeads, which have been used in cosmetics and household goods, can attract toxic chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides, which then find their way into the food chain according to the scientists.

Great Lakes Scientists Warn of Microbeads ThreatVermont recently banned the sale of products containing microbeads (see: VT Legislators Looking to Ban Microbeads in Vermont‘ ), and New York State’s Attorney General has called for a ban in that state as well.


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