Stunning Lake Champlain Sunset

Stunning Lake Champlain Sunset from Alburgh, Vermont

Stunning Lake Champlain Sunset from Alburgh, Vermont Photo by Tom McHugh

This incredible Lake Champlain sunset photo was taken from Alburgh, Vermont

Although considered part of the Lake Champlain Islands, Alburgh, Vermont is not on an island. It is actually on a peninsula of land that extends southward from Quebec, Canada into Lake Champlain. The Alburgh Peninsula (also known as the Alburgh Tongue) has the distinction of being reachable by land only through Canada.

There is a small parcel of land in Alburgh that is not even accessible to the rest of the town by land. This parcel, Province Point, is what is known as an exclave. An exclave is a territory legally or politically attached to a territory with which it is not physically contiguous. In this case. Province Point is a part of the United States although it is not physically connected to the U.S. Learn more about Province Point.

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