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Additional Land Conserved!

Additional Land Conserved!

land conserved

Thanks to the generosity of Sally and Bob Knowlton, Lake Champlain is now a little better off.

“We couldn’t have conserved this land without a partnership with Sally and Bob Knowlton,” noted Chris Boget, Executive Director.  “It’s going to make such a difference to the lakeside forests and bluffs. We are particularly delighted that it includes a diversity of landscapes—open fields, maple forestlands along the lake, and the historic farmstead.”

The end of 2012 saw the conservation of an additional 21 acres that has created a total of 78 acres of protected land in Charlotte and Ferrisburg, VT.

The project will help provide habitat for a number of rare plants species, as well as ensure that the 1,800 feet of shore along Lake Champlain will not be subject to unlimited development in the future.

“There’s a beautiful sugar maple stand,” reflected staff member Leah Tansey, who helped complete the project, continuing, “it’s a landscape you just don’t get to see everyday, and we are so lucky that it has been conserved.”

There have been a number of eagle sightings in the area, with the bay providing habitat for a variety of ducks.

Chris conveyed after the project was complete that the size of the project doesn’t necessarily affect its importance to the community or the Lake’s health. “Each acre can play an important role in enhancing the water quality of the lake, and landowners are making a difference every time they conserve their land for future generations.”


If you are interested in learning more about conserving your family’s land, call Chris at (802) 862-4150 x 1, or click here for more information.