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Fishing Clinic – Introduction to Bass Fishing

Introduction to Bass Fishing Clinic

Introduction to Bass Fishing ClinicDate and Time:
Saturday, April 29;  9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Location: Halfmoon State Park, Hubbardton, Vermont

Description: Introduction to Bass Fishing Clinic

Learn something new at this free fishing clinic. It’s  open to people of all ages and levels of experience, including those completely new to fishing.

This hands-on clinic, reviews the basics of fishing as it focuses on how to target bass with artificial lures. This clinic is the perfect starting spot for the angler looking to get started using artificial lures but is not sure which ones to use.

Registration is required and can be completed by emailing letsgofishing@vermont.gov or calling 802-265-2279. The course will be taught by a certified Let’s Go Fishing Instructor.

Source: Fishing Clinics and Events – Vermont Fish and Wildlife


Lake Champlain Basin Derby

Champlain Basin Derby

April 8, 2017 – March 31, 2018
50 weeks, 15 species, $25,000!

Fish year-round from anywhere in the Champlain Basin.

Open to all legal, public bodies of water within the US portion of the Lake Champlain Basin.
Private ponds and waters without public access do not qualify.
You will be asked to declare where your fish was caught when you weigh it in.
For a map of the basin, please click here.
50 weeks – 15 species – $25,000

There are 15 qualifying species. There is a minimum length for each species. For a full list of species and length requirements, please click here.
First place fish in each category will win $1000! There is no limit to how many categories one person can win. Second place pays out $500 and third place pays $300.


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Vermont Fishing Regulation Change Hearings Scheduled

VT F&W Board Seeks Public Input on Proposed Fishing Regulation Changes

Series of public hearings scheduled for Newport, Rutland, Montpelier and St. Albans

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board is  of seeking public input on proposed fishing regulation changes that could go into effect starting in 2018.

Among the proposed changes are:
  •  Simplifying regulations on the Missisquoi River for muskellunge and year-round fishing.
  • Expanding the Little River two-trout bag limit to the section between the Route 2 bridge and Waterbury Reservoir Dam.
  • Making the existing Dog River test water designations for catch and release trout fishing into permanent regulations.
  • Changing the catch and release trout regulation on the Batten Kill to include an “artificial lures and flies” gear restriction, similar to the Dog River.
  • Simplifying the Clyde River regulations and expanding its catch and release season for salmon to include September and October.
  • Establishing rules against snagging fish.
  • Creating a new definition of “immediate control” for ice fishing.
  • Moving existing language related to commercial angling into a new section.
  • Expanding the “legal method of take” for fish to include spear gun and cross bow on a limited number of species.
  • Implementing new bags limits on bowfin, redhorse sucker and longnose gar.
  • In addition, an angling group is proposing from September 1 to October 31 on the Clyde River from Lake Memphremagog upstream to the West Charleston dam, that angling be restricted to fly fishing with floating line, unweighted leader and one unweighted artificial fly with a single hook.

Hearing Schedule

The Board will be hosting four public hearings to gather comments on the proposals, and will accept written comments through May 17, 2017. 

The hearings start at 6:30 p.m., and the schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, May 2 in Newport at the Emory Hebord State Office Building
  • Wednesday, May 3 in Rutland at Rutland High School
  • Thursday, May 4 in Montpelier at the Pavilion Building at 109 Main Street
  • Tuesday, May 9 in St. Albans at the St. Albans Town Education Center.

To submit questions or comments to the Board, email fwinformation@vermont.gov. 

To learn more about the proposed regulation changes, the public hearing schedule, or the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board, visit the “Fish & Wildlife Board” page under the “About Us” section at www.vtfishandwildlife.com.


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Record Fish Caught in Lake Champlain

Record Fish Caught in Lake Champlain

Record Fish Caught in Lake Champlain freshwater drum

Joseph Whalen Jr. with
25.54# Freshwater Drum-

Lake Champlain has long been considered a fishing hotspot. But did you know that the lake not only offers great fishing for a large variety of fish, it offers a variety of LARGE fish?

Lake Champlain boasts four New York State record fish and eighteen of the Vermont state record fish! Five other Vermont state record fish were taken from Lake Champlain tributaries. That’s twenty-seven records for the two states from Lake Champlain and its feeders.

2016 saw new records for freshwater drum in both New York and Vermont three months apart, interestingly by a father and daughter (see Two Record Fish).


New York State Record Fish Caught in Lake Champlain:

Bowfin                             12 lb. 14 oz.          34″        07/8/2006       Mary Forrest

Freshwater Drum         29 lb. 14 oz.         36.5″      06/4/2016      Amelia Whalen

Longnose Gar                 13 lb. 3 oz.           49.5″      07/25/1999    Kenneth Cassant

Redfin Pickerel                2 lb. 1 oz.            n/a         03/5/1989      Duane Gillespie


Vermont State Record Fish Caught in Lake Champlain:

American Eel                   6 lbs 4 oz            42.00″    02/19/1989    Robert Tatro, Jr.

Bass, Rock                        2 lbs 0 oz           13.25″     07/16/1981    Brad French

Bowfin (bow)                 12 lbs 1.5 oz        30.75″     08/07/2015    Louis Phelps IV

Burbot                               8 lbs 13 oz         28.12″     02/11/2012     Bryan LaBelle

Carp                                 33 lbs 0 oz           35.00″     05/27/2006      Jeffery W. Reed

Carp (Bow)                     44 lbs 6.8 oz        41.25″     05/20/2014     Darren Ouellette

Record Fish Caught in Lake Champlain Darren Ouellette with record 44# Carp (taken by bow)

Darren Ouellette with record 44# Carp (taken by bow) 05/20/2014

Cisco (Lake Herring)      1 lbs 1.44 oz      14.50″     08/17/2015     Montanah Latulippe

Freshwater Drum         25 lbs 8.6 oz        34.50″    09/18/2016      Joseph Whalen

Gar, Longnose               18 lbs 12 oz         54.50″    08/11/2007      Texas A. Aiken

Record Fish Caught in Lake Champlain longnose gar

18# Longnose Gar Vermont record
by Texas A. Aiken

Gar, Longnose (Bow)   17 lbs 13.6 oz      50.50″    08/17/1996      Tom Casavant

Mooneye                           2 lbs 7 oz           17.00″    08/26/1985      Thomas J. LaVigne

Perch, White                    2 lbs 9.3 oz        16.60″    02/17/2014      Anthony Austin

Pike-Pickerel Hybrid      8 lbs 7 oz           32.00″    02/10/2010      Kurin Friend

Salmon, Landlocked    12 lbs 10.4 oz      32.00″   10/18/1994       Brian Latulippe

Sauger                               3 lbs 2.5 oz         20.00″   02/03/1980       David Paya

Smelt, Rainbow              0 lbs 12 oz          13.00″   03/06/1978       Bernadine Maranville

Record Fish Caught in Lake Champlain walleye

Vermont state record 14# Walleye caught 02/10/2010 by Richard Levesque

Walleye                          14 lbs 8.8 oz         32.50″   02/10/2010        Richard Levesque

Whitefish, Lake              9 lbs 7 oz            27.00″   02/24/1999        Victor Raymond


Also, the Vermont state record Bowfin (angling), Fallfish, Muskelunge, and Redhorse Sucker (both angling and bow) were taken from the Missisquoi River and Otter Creek – both Lake Champlain tributaries.

There’s tremendous opportunity to catch big fish on Lake Champlain, as these state records show. Maybe the next record lunker from Lake Champlain will be yours.

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New York DEC Proposes Additional Free Fishing Days

New York DEC Proposes Additional Free Fishing Days

Additional Free Fishing DaysThe New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is proposing four additional free fishing days to complement the state’s existing free sport fishing days. DEC is seeking public comments on the proposed changes.

Since 1991, free sport fishing days have allowed New York residents and non-residents to fish for free without a fishing license at any of the state’s 7,500 lakes and ponds or 70,000 miles of rivers and streams.

The free events give people who might not fish a chance to try the rewarding sport at no cost, introduce people to a new hobby, and encourage people to support the sport by purchasing a New York State fishing license.

The proposed additions are:

  • Presidents Day Weekend (the weekend immediately preceding Presidents Day in the month of February) – These two days generally coincide with winter recess for schools, making it ideal for families to try ice fishing.
  • National Hunting and Fishing Day (one day) – Takes place annually on the 4th Saturday in September and links to events taking place nationwide. Fishing at this time of year is generally good for many species, including fall salmon fishing in the Great Lakes tributaries.
  • Veteran’s Day (one day) – Fishing is one of the most therapeutic outdoor activities, making it an excellent tribute to veterans and those currently serving. Governor Cuomo specified Veteran’s Day as a free fishing day in 2015, and this proposal would make it a permanent free fishing day.
  • Additionally, to avoid confusion about the existing free fishing days in June, DEC is proposing the regulation be changed from “the weekend which includes the last Saturday in June,” to the “last full weekend in June.”

Defining specific free fishing days allows DEC to more effectively promote these days well in advance of their occurrence, ultimately increasing public participation. Furthermore, having a designated set of free fishing days allows those planning vacations around these dates to do so without issue.

Public comments are welcome through May 6, 2017, and can be emailed to fwfish@dec.ny.gov – enter “Free Sport Fishing Days” in the subject line.

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