VT Fish & Wildlife Seeks Permit for Lake Champlain Dredging

Project Details

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department proposes to place fill material and perform dredging in Lake Champlain in conjunction with  improvements at the Chimney Point State Fishing Access area located off Route 17 in Addison, Vermont

The proposed work includes the removal of an existing concrete ramp and the construction of a new 28-foot-wide by 73-foot-long reinforced concrete ramp. The ramp will extend a maximum of 60 feet beyond Ordinary High Water (OHW). This portion of the work will involve the placement of about 207 cubic yards of stone fill and precast concrete below OHW and will impact about 3,385 square feet of lake bottom.

Work will include excavation of 1,646 cubic yards of silt and gravel to a depth of four feet OLW (Ordinary Low Water) from an area of about 23,250 square feet. Excavated materials will be disposed of in an upland, non-wetland site. Additional work will include the temporary placement of 3,000 cubic yards of excavated material and stone for the dredging and the construction of the ramp; and installation of a 90′ by 6′ seasonal dock adjacent to the south side of the ramp.


The project is designed to improve the existing State Fishing Access area for recreational boaters and fishermen. The Chimney Point State Fishing Access will be closed while the project is underway. The nearest State Fishing access Area is McCuen Slang Fishing Access, about two miles south on VT Route 125.

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